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Clear your mind, balance your body and get centered. Learn specific tools to access to all the benefits of yoga: increased flexibility and strength, breath efficiency and stress relief. This class focuses on skillful alignment, whole body health, and quality rather than quantity. Poses may be held for a longer period of time. This offers newer students the time to learn poses, and for more experienced yogis to the option to turn up the heat.

All Levels


Dive deeper in this expansive class where we use a skillful method of teaching the key biomechanics and alignment of poses, while encompassing other aspects of yoga, such as breath exercises, guided meditation, mantra, and mudra. This class is ideal for students who want to increase strength and flexibility in your body, while calming your mind, which allows you to flow in the whole of your life with ease and joy.
All Levels


Class begins with a centering. With a focus on finding and feeling your breath, this practice invites you to move at your own pace. Build on your practice in this class by moving into deeper poses, possibly experimenting with inversions, or arm balances. Embrace lightness and positivity!

Knowledge of practice expected.


Focus on the dynamic alignment of your body in space. Open to class by exploring the body before deepening our practice by breaking down more advanced asanas (poses) or focusing on a peak pose. Potent alignment cues help to awaken different parts of the body through shoulder and hip-opening, core work, balance and strength.

Level 2 postures.


Embodied Flow™ is an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatics, movement meditations, tantric philosophy, and transpersonal psychology that elicits the experience of stepping into flow as meditation in action. Expect expansive movement, flow, mindful transitions, pranayama or breath work, contemplation and relaxation.

All Levels


Turn the lights down low and the bass turned up for this fun flow class. Inspired by Yogi DJs, and creative fun sequences. Loose yourself in sweat, beats and fun positive vibes in this hour+ long class. Created for the experienced yogi, but accepting of all levels. The class builds in sequences and movement, adding on difficulty and stepping back is up to the individual.We are here to support laugh with and push each other in a strong accepting non judgmental environment.  Our goal is fun, movement and giggles. 15% discount if you wear a tutu. 

Knowledge of practice expected.


Strength, confidence, flexibility, balance, and self-reflection. Explore key postures in detail, sometimes with long holds, sometimes with variations. Good for every level of practice - from those just starting in yoga, recovering from an injury, or to those looking to deeply expand their understanding of certain poses. 
Beginners, All Levels


This awakening practice will set the tone and start your day right. Expect to build heat through breath, movement and engagement of your entire body. This class is open to students of all levels, offering optional variations to allow you to find more ease or more challenge. You can expect this class to leave you feeling strong and energized.
All Levels


Align your mind, body, spirit in this practice of Hatha yoga and meditation. Begin with 30 minutes of gentle Level 1 Hatha yoga poses designed to prepare your body and mind for meditation instruction, the second half or last 30 minutes of class. Class designed with rotating teachers who provide insights from different asana and meditation backgrounds, offering diverse practices for students to incorporate on and off the mat. No prior meditation experience necessary.
Beginners, All Levels


This class focuses on gaining flexibility, letting go of tension, recovering from life and activities, and regaining balance in the body and mind. It offers a grounding, deep yoga approach to assist you with recovery from your daily life, work and sports. It provides a body alignment reset and opening of tightness and tension so that you may return to your activities with more freedom, balance, stamina, and ease. It is a combination of breath work, active restoratives, gentle grounding movement, energy awareness, and at times meditation. Leave feeling more open, relaxed, connected, and energized.

Beginners, All Levels



Restorative Yoga shifts the body from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest.) Blankets and bolsters to allow the body to rest with zero muscular engagement. We will spend 10-12 minutes in each posture, completely supported and completely passive. This practice is the perfect antidote to the physical and psychological stress of living the lifestyle of a modern human.

Beginners, All Levels


In Sanskrit, vinyasa means to connect the breath with movement. Move through sun salutations finding clarity in the alignment of your body as you practice linking and integrating breath with postures. We will hold poses to build strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.
Knowledge of practice expected.


Yoga Nidra a practice of conscious creation in a deep state of relaxation. It is said one hour of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep. Join Ann on Monday mornings to learn how to relax your body, increase your energy flow, bring awareness into your life. No yoga experience needed, there is no movement in this class, only a commitment and willingness to yourself to lie still is required.
Beginners, All Levels, No Experience Necessary



with Margaret Thompson

Have an immediate experience of expanded awareness, a quieter mind, peace and love. Relax and receive a gentle transfer of energy which shifts the brain into higher states of consciousness. May include yogic chanting, chakra and breathing meditations.

 No experience required, all welcome.  Class is the first of every month.

all levels welcome

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