The Yogic Life

PARTS 1 - 6




You're at the tip of the iceberg with yoga...and you're ready for more. You love the challenge of new poses. You're intrigued by the bits and pieces of philosophy you hear in classes. You’re charged up by the satisfaction of sensing yourself from the inside and love the practice of self inquiry.  You're noticing that your regular practice is making you a better person but you aren't sure why.
If this describes you, you're ripe for Parts 1-3 (formerly called "Immersions") of The Yogic Life. These workshops are THE way to really get yoga in your mind, body and spirit. They make amazing retreat experiences, refreshing you and recommitting you to a mindful and purposeful life.  Many practitioners with no interest in teaching choose to take these workshops and experience dramatic shifts in their attitudes towards their lives. 
Parts 1-3 are also pre - requisites for Teacher Training.  the modules you’ll complete if you dream of sharing yoga with others through teaching. Why?  Because we want you to be solid in your own practices BEFORE you teach them to others. We believe that it is crucial that you’ve studied alignment, anatomy, and philosophy before teaching, and we know that students are best honored by teachers who have walked the path before them.


Part 1: March 13 - 17
Part 2: April 10 - 14
Part 3: May 8 - 12


Part 4 - 6: TBA (Teacher Training)

Each day will be about 8 hours long.  Expect to start around 8am and finish at 5 or 6pm.  The exact daily schedule will be determined closer to the start date of the intensive; we have to work with and around the existing studio schedules. 


Every day of Parts 1-3 of your journey is a mix of asana, hands-on learning, lecture, discussion, journaling, meditation and breathwork. Expect to practice every morning and every afternoon, with some practices pushing you physically and others well as some focused on restoration and internal exploration.  Through learning methods you will also be asked to be curious and inquisitive about your personal experience with each tool that we bring on.  

PART 1: 35 Hours

Setting the Foundation

co-taught with Wanna Johansson

In this module, you’ll learn…
Anusara Yoga’s amazing alignment system – the Universal Principles of Alignment – inside and out.  These five elegant principles keep you safe in your practice while also building strength and creating vibrancy in your poses:

  • Names, forms and safe performance of Level 1 poses

  • Basic Anatomy - systems

  • Foundations of Yoga Philosophy – the different schools of yoga and their evolution

  • The Tantric Yoga Vision: seeing and celebrating the good

  • Cycles of Creation and how to flow with them

  • Introduction to Pranayama and Meditation

  • The Mahabhutas, Gunas, Tattvas and attributes of the Divine

  • Sankalpa/intention setting and studentship

PART 2: 35 Hours

Establishing Roots

In this module, you’ll continue to work with all topics explored in Part 1 as well as bringing in the following new themes:

  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

  • The Yamas and Niyamas (ethical precepts of yoga)

  • The Kleshas

  • More specific anatomy of the hips and shoulders, arms and hands, and legs and feet

  • More Pranayama and Meditation techniques

  • Expansion of asana into Level 2 poses, including more advanced inversions and arm balances

PART 3: 35 Hours

Growing Into Your Path

In this final foundational module, you’ll solidify all Part 1 and 2 topics as well as studying:

  • The Bhagavad Gita, the seminal text of Hindu philosophy

  • Subtle Body Anatomy; including the chakras and the koshas

  • The Three Paths of Yoga

  • Hands-on Adjustments and Partner Work

  • Ayurveda and the doshas

  • More challenging poses, touching into the Level 3 syllabus


PART 4 - 6: 100 Hours

Teaching & Sharing!

You’ve decided that this yoga is an amazing gift, and you want to share it – maybe with your loved ones and friends, or maybe with strangers through formal teaching.  Congratulations – you’ve discovered an amazing calling that simultaneously feeds you AND your community.  
We set you up to perform this service with confidence, knowledge, and grace.  We'll keep you posted on the release of parts 4 through 6.



A slower pace of life.


All sessions are held atAkasha Yoga in Jackson, WY. Jackson is a "ski town" - meaning there are great places to retreat into nature, to study while also enjoying the natural setting and the slower pace of life.

Recreational opportunities abound.  You can run, road bike, mountain bike, hike, golf, and fish within a 15 minute drive (or less) from the studio.  Drive a little longer and you can kayak and climb as well.  There are lovely restaurants, shops, movie theater and live music venues in both towns.

There are a variety of lodging options for you:


  • Hotels, Motels, and B&B’s:  There are too many to even begin to list here.  See the Chamber of Commerce links on the website for an exhaustive listing.

  • Short-term rentals:  These abound as well.  We recommend getting in touch with one of the property management companies in the area to assist you in finding an appropriate choice for you

  • Camping:  There are public and private campgrounds adjacent to town.  There is also FREE dispersed camping in a number of locations. Spring can be cold and unpredictable in the mountains so we really only recommend this in May.

  • Yogi home-stays:  We are maintaining a list of yogis in our area who are willing to house Intensive Participants during the training for a nightly fee.  Contact us about this option.  




Early Bird (more than 30 days prior to start date) .........................$550

Single Part (within 30 days of start date) .........................$625



PARTS 1 - 3

Early Bird (more than 30 days prior to start date) .........................$1600

All Parts 1 - 3 (within 30 days of start date) .........................$1775

If you are a serious student whose life path includes this training and you are unable to make this financial investment, contact us.  In some circumstances, payment plans and/or work/trade may be available.




Full payment is required at time of registration.  We plan for our courses months in advance and like it when our students do so as well!  For this reason we honor you with discounted prices for early commitment.  We consider $400 for a multi-part registration and $100 for a single part registration your non-refundable deposit. 




That said, we understand that life is constantly in flow, and changes happen.


The following is our cancellation policy:

  • In case of cancellation more than 30 days out, we will refund your course fee minus the non-refundable deposit. Within 30 days of the course start date, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded to you.

  • Within 7 days of the course start date, 25% of the registration fee will be refunded to you.

  • Within 24 hours of the start date, your full registration fee is non-refundable.

  • If your application is not accepted for any reason, we will refund the entire registration amount.



Neesha is a Certified Anusara Instructor, E-RYT-500, YACEP and owner of Akasha Yoga in Jackson, WY.  She brings almost 30 years of dance and yoga experience to her classes. She teaches a life affirming philosophy that includes a heart centered approach to an elegant set of biomechanical principles. Humor, innovation, increasing self awareness, joy and creativity are hallmarks of her teaching  She is a regular teacher on the online class site YogaToday – and can also be found at where you can find her latest offerings and retreats.




I have 20 years of yoga practice and am ERYT-500 Instructor. I started practicing yoga in 1998 as a relief from a back injury, pain and trauma. In 2008 opened a yoga studio in Portland, Oregon, and was certified in the Anusara method. Since 2014, I’ve been assisting and training with Tara Judelle in Embodied Flow™, a yoga methodology that integrates the biomechanics and alignment from my Anusara background with the philosophy of Tantra, embodiment practices inspired by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Embodied Anatomy and Somatic psychology. My yoga background is diverse, I’ve studied Anusara, Tantra, Vipassana, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Somatic Movement and Nigerian dance.


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