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May 29, 2020

POSTPONED until May 30th

This workshop sold out quickly last year so sign up soon!

Price: $50


Enjoy a restorative yoga practice combined with gentle energetic bodywork approaches*, on and off body, including Laura's unique combination of Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, and Heart Directed Therapy. This special practice is a tonic for the nervous system, a vacation for your muscles, a clearing for the mind, and a healing space for the heart. Take a much needed break to stretch and rest easy in your body.


Sit back, relax and refill the well.


Restorative Yoga:
The restorative practice infuses soothing movement and relaxing postures supported by props to foster ease in the mind and body. The slower pace allows for increased muscular release, stress relief and flexibility. Recommended for anyone who feels tight, sore, stressed or overwhelmed. No yoga experience necessary.


Healing Therapy:
Laura's combination of healing energy therapies open and balance the energy surrounding and flowing through your body to promote an increased energy flow, healing, and the release of held emotion, pain, and tension. Her hands-on and hands-off techniques encourage a healthy immune response, increased circulation, and improved muscular- skeletal function. Therapies may include: traditional Reiki ("universal light energy"), CranioSacral Therapy, and her own Heart Directed Therapy and Heart Balancing Therapy - all gentle, noninvasive approaches to further relaxation and optimal health.


*Hands-on Therapy is optional. If you prefer not to be touched please let us know. We still recommend attending the restorative practice.

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